Successful exam for all participants RSV2000 Emmerthal

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Participants from left to right: Sandra Matthiesen with Enzo, Heiko Martin and Corres, judge Gerd Fern and test director Anette Fern, Alex Kipp with Kerbie, Ernst Kipp and Sascha, Nora Kipp with Rasca and Dorita Rohde with Lilly.

Successful exam for all participants RSV2000 Emmerthal

On 02.12.2023 we from RSV2000 Emmerthal were able to hold another test at the end of the year. 6 dog/handler teams faced the competent judging of Gerd Fern, who was happy to join us as a judge despite his busy schedule. A big thank you also goes to Anette Fern, who took over the test management.

As it was a rather small test with 6 companion dog tests, the day started at 10 a.m. with breakfast, and at around 11 a.m. the dogs’ impartiality was checked. Afterwards, we went straight out onto the course, which presented a beautiful wintry picture.

The companion dog test is the very first test of a dog’s career, so not everything can and must run perfectly yet. Sometimes there were still minor deficiencies in coordination or in the instinctive area, and the technique does not have to be ready so early, as instinct and technique are known to be antagonisms. Nevertheless, all participants were able to pass very confidently and confidently and now know what still needs to be worked on. For four participants, the IGP 1 test is to be targeted next year. This lays the foundation, as the subsequent traffic section, in which the dogs’ behavior in everyday situations is tested, posed no problem for the dogs. The everyday situations are an encounter with a group of people, as well as encounters with cyclists, joggers and other dogs. The behavior of the dog tied up for a short time is also tested.

There were many happy faces at the end, so the RSV2000 Emmerthal would like to thank Gerd and Anette Fern once again for their commitment. An equally big thank you goes to Nora Kipp, who cooked a delicious lunch for us, which was eaten at the end. Afterwards, cake was served and the participants and spectators talked shop.