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9/11, 2014 | RSV Trial Rules

Why RSV Trial Rules?

There are plenty of reasons! 2017 the FCI wants to introduce new trial rules and we were asked to contribute our thoughts and ideas as well.

We would not be RSV2000 if we would tackle such a subject without careful, fundamental thoughts.


July 7, 2016: RSV trial rules now available in English. This version is not yet really finished, but the rules themselves are translated and will be edited as time allows.

What should and must trial rules achieve?

Why is it useful to reconsider the existing trial rules?

Judging goes beyond the requirements of the trial rules

National trial rules were abandoned

Rules are not always cynologically useful

RSV Trial Rules – what is different?

Validity, judges and recognition of RSV trial rules

Who is licensed for the RSVTrial Rules?

We are entering new territory once again