Dr. Helmut Raiser seminar review

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Dr. Helmut Raiser seminar review (New Zealand) 2023

It was an absolute pleasure to host and meet Helmut and Heidi in New Zealand and we are glad that they enjoyed themselves whilst in the country. 

We hosted a 2 day seminar over the Easter holiday weekend and it flew by. Structured in a way of learning theory and then application in practice on the field made learning clearer for the handlers. I especially liked understanding systems and gaining fluency in the work without a dog in hand before adding that extra dimension which often overloads most people. 

Helmut’s colour system and theory through some science based systems like Pavlov and Skinner allow clarity in the process throughout all obedience commands in n all phases and all dog related sports and industries. His presentation is relatable, fun and informative.

The second day was effected by a little rain in the afternoon so we worked on the field in the morning developing the working dogs from the day before and moving to new levels of improvement. What was great to see was the clarity in the dogs minds and nerves in how to apply themselves around the helper and with the handler when consistently handled from ongoing correct handling learned just the day before. So this allows you to make very fast growth with your dog in the sport (with Helmut’s experience and skills as helper). 

All 3 phases were covered at all levels and for a novice developing country like New Zealand learning how other clubs and organisations operate is both inspiring and encouraging. 

Helmut’s seminar has been one of the most clear and effective educational tools that I’ve ever had the privilege of learning and this was my hope in meeting him. That the 55+ years of his time in Dogsport would share well across all Learning types and knowledge levels and it’s both inspired and developed not only myself but others in the country involved in dog sports also. 

We hope we can do you proud by developing our relationship and skills with our dogs in applying your lessons thus improving the standard of the sport in New Zealand. 

 Your sincerely, 
Jordan Coulson

 All the best, Jordan Coulson (CCFT, CPDT-BS, BAMA)