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Dr Helmut Raiser and Thomas Aaron

Precious learning and experiences

Orange, Red, Blue, Green and Grey… if you know what these colours mean in dog training, then you’ve had the honour of meeting and conversing with a respected legend in dogsport, Dr Helmut Raiser.

Seminars and Schutzhund Trial

This past week the RSVglobal Trinidad and Tobago hosted a two day seminar on Obedience and Protection, a one day Helper Seminar, culminating with the “Be The Legend” Schutzhund Trial which ended on Sunday 7th January, 2024. Helmut (which he prefers to be called in dogsport), was the main presenter and judge.

Unfortunately, due to my hectic schedule at the end of 2023, I didn’t have the time to train and prepare any of my dogs for this trial. Something I hoped was different, but as the saying goes, c’est la vie! I was very busy in providing the main source of transportation from the Hotel to the Dog Club for Dr Raiser. Needless to say, I had many fruitful discussions with Helmut, which were all precious learning experiences. Hopefully, I will be an even better trainer and handler with my dogs because of it.

We made history this week!

This was an historic event for dogsport in my country, not only because of the significance of having Dr Raiser here, but also for the achievements made during this week. For the first time in history, three locally bred, handled, owned and trained German Shepherd dogs successfully completed the title of SchH 1!!! Big congratulations to each of them on this great achievement.

  • Stephen Bethelmy with his male Alphonse,
  • Josh Bachan with his male Jager,
  • Theron Compton with his male Jase.

Bright future for the dogsport

This was a nice way to begin the year, and it sets a optimistic tone for the future. In the past, it was very difficult having regular dogsport events and trials here in Trinidad and Tobago, especially with the handicap of booking and organising International Judges. However, with the advent of the RSVglobal here in our country, two trials have been successfully completed in six months. This is yet another great achievement for the team here in T&T, and by extension the RSVglobal community. Once again, congratulations to all on a job well done, and I look forward to many similar events in the future. We are ever so greatful to Dr Helmut Raiser for taking time from his busy schedule to be with us.

When a Legend coaches and appreciate raising Talent. Our youngest member of RSVgobal Trinidad and Tobago.

What a memorable week!!!
Thomas Aaron
RSV Global Trinidad & Tobago