Richterseminar in den USA mit Dr. Helmut Raiser

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Richterseminar in den USA mit Dr. Helmut Raiser

In the weekend of July 15/16 Helmut was invited to the United States for a seminar with the judges of American Schutzhund.

For those of you that are not familiar with American Schutzhund, this is a 3 phase sport where the tracking is replaced with detection work. 

Level 1 – article search in a 30x30m area.
Level 2 – gunpowder detection in cinderblocks.
Level 3 – gunpowder detection in suitcases and vehicles. 

Obedience and protection are fairly similar to IGP with the main differences being the allowed pressure applied by the helpers, in the level 1 a true attack out of the blind and in the level 3’s a coin toss to decide if there will be a long bite first of a call of first on the Courage test. 

Helmut was specifically invited to demonstrate the judging technique within the RSV, where the focus lays on Drive, Coordination and Technique. Over two days Helmut gave his presentation and used the time for video judging together with everyone. It was a short but powerful visit, and on the end of the weekend, all judges were able to implement the RSV Judging style. 

There were a total of 16 judges and/or key persons from American Schutzhund and 2 PSA judges. American Schutzhund falls under the PSA umbrella which is a stand alone organization called the Protection Sports of America. 

Joeri Veth

Debbi Zappia, hostess of the seminar