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November 2014 | RSV2000 Dog-sport Trainer and Helper Seminar report

29th-30th November RSV2000 Dog-sport Trainer and Helper Seminar report
They say the RSV2000 would put the sleeve also in milk and coffee, so great is the dedication and commitment of time and effort it takes to prepare with passion, not just dogs and handlers, but also those who want to become good helpers.
All this does not seem strange when you consider that the company statutes expressly provides a canine training plan, in order to spread a culture that is truly dog-loving to everyone.
It is precisely this spirit that took place on 29 and 30 November, thIt is e first level stage for Helpers, at RSV2000 Verona local group.
The Head of the course, always tireless and responsive, has been Demis Benedetti, Official Helper in major international canine competitions and recently trained as Competence Center Leader (LCC), supported by the whole team together.
This year has increased the number of participants and, with pleasant surprise, there were both professionals Helpers and managers from several canine centers, together with aspirants who compete for the first time to wear the sleeve (and sadly that elsewhere would find the doors closed). Different experiences, different backgrounds, compared to peers, blend and mutually enriching.
The weather has been mostly positive, and not even the rain on Sunday afternoon stopped the work that continued late into the evening. The satisfaction of a good result, for engagement, to learn a lesson or an error on which to reflect, repay abundantly the suit wet, muddy shoes, having sleep and have short breath.
The explanation of the theory of practice is essential before. A successful work on dogs will be a natural consequence of the theoretical knowledge, which then started the seminar.
The concepts of prey drive, aggressiveness, possessiveness, combativeness, the elements of character that identifies a working dog, the stimuli to which it can react or show indifferent, the influence of the instincts in his behavior and how, through the touch of sensitive psychological levers, might be usefully committed to our advantage. All items that are often overlooked or regarded with contempt, but that if distilled with the right timing and reinforcements allow an unexpected transformation of the dog after only a few targeted training sessions.
It is then switched to description of the sighting and selection tests of RSV2000, introduced in order to pinpoint the qualities of each subject and how it should be organized its training to strengthen them to the fullest; it also emphasized the importance, for the purpose of continuous improvement, the dialogue between conductor and helper, always with humility that requires this figure, a rare commodity that often goes hand in hand with the talent.
After all this was the practice, an intense activity involved with various subjects, different race, age, and skills. Helpers really confronted with puppies, young, adult dogs, the sensitive or the strong and prepared one, for identifying gaps to be resolved and strengths to exploit, to set an effective training program, first in short and then in long term.
Helper is a real lifestyle, not just a pastime, which takes hours on the field with the work and night thoughts with questions on how to perfect a certain dog or be in charge of the problems of another. Hard job, physically committed to juggle agility and strength, with the duty of an athletic enough to maintain a steady performance and efficient, and in the mind which must remain clear, smart and focused.
A trade midway between the craftsman (which masterfully refined day by day its working tools and its products, in a seemingly repetitive, with gestures that seem to always be the same, but in fact never the same; as small details, in continuous sweating next to revier, are the ones that will make the difference in the final sum) and artist (intended to invent, to squeeze his creativity every time with new postures, to feed the slow but continous improvement of the dogs).
The trained dog and the handler will be an handwork that will always takes the imprint of the helper that has shaped, bite after bite, word after word. A great responsibility which the RSV2000 stages teach you to take charge.
RSV2000 Verona thanks all the participants of this adventure. Their interest, their amusement and their cooperation has been, and will always be crucial to the success of all events.

By Federico Torresan