Schäferhundverein RSV2000 – Competence in Performance and Breeding

Sichtungen (Sightings)

With the sightings the Schaeferhundverein RSV2000 e.V. has introduced a completely new instrument in the dog world. After the first few years we can see that the sightings stand for what we hope for. 

  • At sightings the dog owners get tipps about training their dogs.
  • Owners of German Shepherd Dogs get the first contact to utility dog training and feel the fascination of this sport.
  • The handlers are proud when they get so much detailed data documented about their dogs.
  • The scoring system is discussed and leads to competition.
  • The ZG Matrix creates transparency and clarity.
  • The descriptions are understandable.
  • The differences between the descriptors are marginal.
  • The dog owners are now firmly scheduling the sighting of their dogs.
  • The many data from the sightings fill up our database.
  • The sighting data must furthermore be recorded, but is already definite that it will be an excellent source for our breeding program.
  • The possibility to have one litter with a sighted dog is well adopted.
  • E.g. elder German Shepherd Dogs who would otherwise never had progeny are used in breeding.
  • Sightings serve the preservation and promotion of a wide gene pool.
  • Sightings lead to activity and any regional club organizing a sighting for a CC welcomes the guests.

Here you will find further information:

The meaning of a sighting for a stud dog or a bitch

The common meaning of a sighting for breeding of German Shepherds within the Schaeferhundverein RSV2000

The ZG Matrix

The course of a sighting

The cost of a sighting

Conditions for participating on a sighting