Schäferhundverein RSV2000 – Competence in Performance and Breeding

RSV WM 2017 results and reports

Exciting to the end!

The last protection work clarified the occupations of the winners' podium. Roberto Innone won the victory title with Grak vom Drumlin Wolf. Andre Erdbrügge followed, the third place was won by Sven Kronfoth.

Chief organizer Achim Schuff expressed his thanks to all the participants for the comradely relationship and especially with the many helpers who worked in the background. The event had to be reorganized within 3 weeks after the cancellation of Karlsdorf as well as further difficulties and blockades.

For the first time and very much accepted by the audience were the comments of the performances of the acting judge LAZ Dr. Helmut Raiser during the ongoing protection work. The simultaneous views of the LAZ over the loudspeaker system brought the audience a whole lot closer to the directional philosophy in the RSV2000.

Opinions from the audience confirm a successful event in all respects.

The RSV2000 once again showed why it was founded.


Dr Helmut Raiser (LAZ) - The decision to carry out the RSV World Cup 2017 with the RSVSchH3 test was a full success

Achim Schuff - Summary of the overall manager

Thomas Müller-performance track (judge)

Thomas Derbort and Klaus Bohe - the track responsible