Schäferhundverein RSV2000 – Competence in Performance and Breeding

May 22. - 24.: Mexico!

At least three exclamation marks need to follow this title.
For the third time Helmut Raiser was in Mexico, but it following an invitation oft he Mexican kennel club FCM was a premiere.

On the right you find a PDF file with photos directly from Mexiko. Thank you FCM!

October 10, For our spanish speaking friends: FCM send us the article about RSV2000 they published in their magazine.

Please find it on the right hand side for download.

Uncertain opening

First they were fifty....

Discipline and concentration

„He is continuously progressing!“

Practice and theory – one does not go without the other

„The master is here with us“

Helmut Raiser – Superstar

Breeding philosophy of RSV2000

Good dialogues