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May 31, 2017 | Breed surveys (Koerung): New rules for jumps

May 31, 2017

After recommendation in their meeting in Feruary 2017 by the LCC the RSV2000 board decided on February 7, 2017, finally released on May30, 2017, to provide a draft for the construction of the steep wall that is accepted at RSV2000 breed surveys (koerung). The drawing is provided by LCC Albert Spreu. You can download it on the right. 

On the same decision basis it was agrred and is valid starting May 31, 2017:

If a dog does not suceed to jump the oxer or the steep wall in breed survey levels 2 or 3, the LAZ or, if he is not present, the person he decided to be in charge, decides if this dogs is awareded the breed survey level 1 if that dog has not passed it before. In this case on this internet site a remark at the koerung 1 of this dog is published that the dog has not jumped the oxer or the steep wall.