Schäferhundverein RSV2000 – Competence in Performance and Breeding

General terms of business

§ 1  Area of Applicability

The German Shepherd Association RSV2000 e.V. (henceforward called RSV2000) provides attendances, quotations, contents and products (generally called services), both, free of charge, and liable to be paid. The provision of these services to members and non-members is exclusively effective in accordance with the following General Terms of Business in the form valid at the date of the order. RSV2000 will not acknowledge any different conditions on the part of the members/nonmembers, unless RSV2000 has expressively given its approval in writing.

§ 2  Conclusion of a Contract

RSV2000 offers services in accordance with Art. 2 of the Association’s Fee Schedule [Link] as well as other services which can be ordered / booked on the Internet site
RSV2000 understands every order of a service as an offer to the Association to conclude a legally effective contract. On receipt of an order, RSV2000 will send an email to the orderer, confirming the incoming order and indicating the details. This confirmation of the order signifies the acceptance of the offer of the ordering member/nonmember.
RSV2000 does not offer services to be purchased by persons under legal age. In case a minor wishes to request the services of RSV2000, his/her legal guardian has to realize mentioned order.

§ 3  Right of Rescission

Instructions of cancellation:

Within 2 weeks, the contract can be cancelled without any reason by sending the text per email. Begin of the deadline is on reception of the order confirmation at the earliest, but not before receiving the present instructions of cancellation. The rescission shall be realized online at this mail address.

Consequences of Rescission: In case of an effective rescission, both parties shall return the services received or utilization obtained, respectively. If the service received cannot be returned entirely or partially or in bad state only, we will be entitled to claim for compensation.

End of instructions of cancellation

Exclusion of Rescission: The Right of Rescission does not apply in case of services according to Art. 2 of the Fee Schedule, because these services were individually set up for a dog and/or in accordance with the indication of a member/nonmember; or services clearly adapted to personal requirements; or services unsuitable to be returned due to their structure.

If a member / non-member cancels the participation in an event, the paid fee can only be reimbursed up to four weeks before the start of that event.

§ 5  Maturity and Payment, Default

The member/nonmember is allowed to pay the service fee with credit card or by direct SEPA-debiting. The financial transaction is operated by an e-payment provider abgewickelt. All prices are in EURO.

In case of default of payment on the part of the member/nonmember, RSV2000 is entitled to demand default interests per annum to the amount of 5% on top of the interest rate published by the European Central Bank. In case RSV2000 can prove a higher loss caused by the default of payment, it is entitled to assert these damages.

Information for credit card payment:
Financial transactions shall be realized via RSV2000. All prices shall be quoted in EURO. All transactions are encrypted according to the latest standards SSL 128-Bit. The credit card statement of the orderer shows the purchase as “descriptor 1 descriptor 2”. The orderer’s credit card will be charged immediately after the purchase. All incoming orders will be handled without delay. All inquiries will be answered in a short time. RSV2000 recommends to print all transaction data as well as the present Terms of Business and to keep the copies at an accessible place.

§ 6  Payment Offset, Withholding

A member/nonmember is only entitled to balance payments if his/her counter claims have been legally recognized or if RSV2000 regards undisputed these counter claims. Furthermore, the member/nonmember has a right to withhold a payment only inasmuch as his/her counter claims are based on the same contract conditions.

§ 7  Reservation of Proprietary Rights

RSV2000 remains proprietor of the ordered article until it is completely paid.

§ 8  Liability for Defects

If there are shortcomings regarding the service, legal regulations shall apply. A cession of these claims of a member/nonmember to third parties is excluded. As far as there does not arise any other circumstance hereinafter, further claims on the part of the member/nonmember shall be excluded irrespective of the legal reasons. As a result, RSV2000 can not be held responsible for damages not caused to the delivery item itself. Particularly, RSV2000 will not be liable for lost profit or other actual losses of the orderer. The preceding liability restrictions do not apply as far as the cause of the damage is based on purpose or gross negligence or there is a personal injury. In case RSV2000 neglectfully breaks an obligation essential to the contract, the responsibility to compensate property damages will be limited to the damages that typically arise. If the supplementary performance occurred by way of the compensation delivery, the member/nonmember is obligated to return the article to RSV2000 delivered at the beginning at its expense within 21 days at RSV2000’s cost. The deficient article has to be returned in accordance with the legal regulations.

RSV2000 reserves the right to claims for damages, taking into account the legal requirements.

§ 9   Survey, Processing, Use of Personal Information of Our Members and Nonmembers

RSV2000 obtains information required to realize and improve an individual attendance of its members. RSV2000 utilizes this information to offer the services to its members as well as to handle the payment system. In addition to that, RSV2000 uses mentioned data to inform members/nonmembers about orders and services as well as to update data records and to maintain and support the member accounts. Please find further information in the data protection declaration about kind, extent, place and purpose of survey, processing and use of personal data RSV2000 needs to accomplish the orders.

§ 10  Applicable Right and Court of Jurisdiction

The laws of the Federal Republic of Germany shall apply; any disputes arising will be settled before a competent Goettingen court of law.