Schäferhundverein RSV2000 – Competence in Performance and Breeding

RSV WM 2017 in Hannoversch Münden

You can apply for participation starting on August 7, 2017.

Registration closes on September 18, 2017

The transfer of the venue makes the organization a great challenge. Flexibility is now required on all sides, and there is much to be clarified. It will take a few days, but we will do it! If you want to help, you can contact Achim Schuff.

Everyone is aware of the burden on the dog handlers and the spectators. But it is not in the power of the RSV2000 to change this. We will all together make the best of it and experience a great event.

We will inform you about the state of the preparations for the high light in the RSV2000 year the RSV World Championship at the HP as soon as we know more. Again a little patience is required. Updating the HP is done step by step.

Requirements for participation

Supporting Team