15.-17.11.2019 Seminar von Dirk Edler in Argentinien


Bericht über das Seminar in Argentinien

Summary of the seminar with Dirk Edler from November 15 to 17 in CC Buenos Aires.


For the second time in one year, Mr. Dirk Edler, arrived in Argentina on November 14, Edler, has been twice the winner of the BSP with his now mythical Bolle Ja Na Ka, excellent German sheepdog of competition and a great player that left a lot of quality offspring  in the most important current competitions of the world and European Schutzhund.

Dirk is also a well-known coach, training helper, guide, LCC and judge FCI and RSVGlobal and arrived in our country invited by RSVGlobal Argentina, for a three-day workshop, from November 15 to 17 in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires.

A total of 17 people attended from all over the country and abroad, 11 copies of very good level according to the speaker, with their guides and 6 listeners including our translator Flavia Torrisi.

The seminar was held in the Ribera Sur Park, a property with a magnificent park and natural environment that allowed us to enjoy this event to the fullest.  We want to give many thanks from the RSVGlobal Argentina for the kind disposition of Ribera Sur Park authorities, especially in the person of its responsible director, Mr. Hugo Sola.

We start on Friday at 9.30 with a breakfast with coffee, which we repeat on Saturday and Sunday, while we all introduce ourselves with the visit telling us who we were and our experiences.  

Then, Mr. Edler gave us during the morning a theoretical vision of his way of training and seeing the world of our dogs, the theoretical talk and presentation was nuanced by an endless number of questions and whose answers were orienting the students towards the tenor of the seminar and its scope that would eventually meet the expectations of all of us.

We received the visit of people from Buenos Aires, Santa Cruz, Rosario, Gualeguaych?, Brazil, the assistants worked on a continuous schedule with their dogs in sections B and C, seeing very significant advances in the performance of the dogs presents during the workshop.

RSVGlobal Argentina had the opportunity to sponsor this beautiful event and also had the participation of several of our club members, who were present to support this workshop, to whom we thank their participation as well as the rest of the participants.  

At the end of the meeting, attendance certificates were given to all the present.

We also want to thank Mr. Edler for his great dedication through his work that will help us to progress in our sports activity, the most important thing is that Dirk as we mentioned at the beginning of this summary, being Judge and LCC of the institution has contributed  again to strengthen our work to develop the Schutzhund and respect for working dogs in our country.

Thank you all and see you next time.


 Juan A. Messina

 LCC, Leistungrichter

 RSVGlobal Argentina