Olaf Kriegs

Olaf is everything but new in Schutzhund sport, he became addicted in 1976  - with really nice sucess!

It all started with a Boxer

At the IBC Bundessiegerprüfung 1982 Olaf achieved 3rd place. He also participated in DVG and he did this with diffrent dogs in the DVG LV Meisterschaft Berlin, with his Boxer Irwin vom Intschischuna he won 1980, 1981 und 1982!

Dog friends Berlin-Nord - take the name litterally

Olaf has been a member of Hundefreunde (dog friends) Berlin-Nord since 1996, long before RSV2000 was founded. He appreciates the people there being his friends, especially he is thankful for the support provided by "Hotte" Horst Toporek. It is because of these friends - and because he qualified again - that he will compete again at RSV WM, just like the year before.

High in Drive

Olaf is fascinated of Schutzhund sport because it challenges him with working the dog in several drive categories and in high drive.

He proved that he can do that quite often now in RSV2000.